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When to Contact Chase

Most times when a pin pad stops working you do not have to call chase, restart the pin pads, restart the till or restart the micros computer. Please refer to Restarting Credit & Debit before calling Chase. If the pin pad is damaged and all other options to resolve the issue have been attempted, please contact Chase support:

  1. Call 1-800-265-5158

  2. Select the point of sale option and then Ingenico option

  3. You will need your Merchant Number, if you do not have it please contact IT support.

  4. Chase may also ask you to provide the store address and phone number.

  5. They may try some troubleshooting over the phone but in most cases they will simply replace the pin pad, which is what we want at this point.

  6. Once the technician replaces the pin pad(s) it might be necessary to re-initialize it. Please refer to Restarting Credit & Debit to see how this is done.

  7. The Pin Pads will come back online