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Editing a Closed Transaction

Video 1

Sometimes you will need to edit or void a transaction that has already been closed out. For example the check was closed out to cash and it should have been delivery. You can modify or void the transaction even after it’s closed by performing the follow steps and reviewing Video 1.

  1. Log into the POS using your manager code

  2. Choose the Re-Open Closed Check option

  3. Enter the check number, keeping in mind the system is looking for the micros check number and not the skip number. The check number can be found on the customer receipt or the kitchen/milkshake receipt.

  4. The check will open and the first thing to do is highlight and void the tender (Ex. Cash).

  5. From here you can change the tender, void items, add items, etc. just like you would a normal transaction.

  6. To void the entire transaction, highlight and void each menu item and then use the Cash button to close out the check to $0.00.