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Rebooting the MICROS comptuer

Video 1

It is very important computer’s get rebooted regularly, The micros computer is an important piece of hardware that allows us to take orders, store sales, labour, etc. The micros computer should be ideally rebooted once a week but at least once a month. You can reboot the micros computer by performing the follow steps and reviewing Video 1.

  1. Switch over to the micros computer using the KVM switch button located on your manager desk.

  2. Double click the MICROS Control Panel icon

  3. Click the OFF button and the green check marks will turn to yellow circles.

  4. Wait for the yellow circles to turn to red X’s

  5. Now it is safe to reboot Windows by selecting Start - Shutdown - Restart.

  6. Windows will reboot and micros will come back online automatically.