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Kitchen or Milkshake Printer not Printing

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Most times when a printer stops printing there is a communication issue between the POS and the printer. There are some things you can check to bring the printer back online:

Reference Documents

  1. Printer Connections (Diagram 1)

  2. Printer Cabling (Diagram 2)

- The kitchen printer connects to POS1 and the milkshake printer connects to POS2 using the IDN ports on the workstation (see Diagram 2). Check the CAT5 network cables and make sure they are plugged into the wall jack and into the POS, sometimes they become loose or dirty and need to be reconnected.

- The network cable must be plugged into the port labled IDN 1 on the back of the printer (see Diagram 1)

- The switches on the back of the printer must all be in the UP position except switch 4 (see Image 1)

- Ensure there is power going to the printer

- The network cables or wall jack may fail and need to be replaced or repaired. To ensure there is nothing wrong with the printer or cables, unplug the printer and move it to the front counter and place next to the POS. Plug the kitchen printer directly into POS1 or the milkshake printer directly into POS2. If the printer starts to print properly again, then there is a cable that needs to be replaced or a wall jack that needs to be repaired.

- If all the steps have been checked and the printer still doesn’t print, please submit a request to IT using the button on the top of this page.