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Enter Stand Alone Mode?

Image 1

When the POS displays the error message “No connection to database server, would you like to enter stand alone mode,” this means there is no connection from the till to the micros computer (see Image 1).

Reference Documents

  1. POS Network (Diagram 1)

- This error message can be resolved by checking the CAT5 network cables going to and from the till. There needs to be a good connection between the till and the micros computer (see Diagram 1).

- Usually this occurs when a network cable has come loose from the till, the jack in the wall or the micros computer itself. Check all the cables and reconnect them to ensure a good connection.

- Once the connection has been re-establish select “No” on the error message and the system will book normally.

- If all connections have been verified and the system will not boot normally, the next step is to replace the switch that connections the tills and the micros computer. (see Diagram 1)