Please review the help topics below before submitting a request

GM Procedures

  1. Identify severity of the issue. If Severity #3\#4 please submit ticket and call your Area\Ops Manager as soon as possible.

    1. Severity Level 1: Minimal Business Impact (Response Time 72 hours to 3 weeks)

      • Small Water Leaks, Grout, Broken but usable Paper Towel Dispensers, Noisy Fan, Chipped Paint, Cracked Tile (Communication Level: Ticketing System Melissa will contact the vendor and communicate PO)

        • Items that can be covered during a regular PM visit, or by a handyman.

    2. Severity Level 2: Normal Business Impact (48 Hours to 2 weeks)

      • Tether Cords, Walk-In Fridge Leaking, Hood Issues (Grease Leaking Online), Fry Dump Station Lights Not Working, FOH Lights not working, Signage Issues, Equipment Parts. (Communication Level: Ticketing System Melissa will contact the vendor and communicate PO)

    3. Severity Level 3: Significant Business Impact (Immediately, within 24 hours)

      • Equipment Failure, Backed Up Drains with Flooding into Food or Guest Areas, Potential of Full Day Closure or Temp Closure. (Communication Level: Ticketing System, Area\OPS Manager direct call to vendor communicate PO via R&M Data Base)

    4. Severity Level 4: Critical Business Impact (Immediately)

      • Flooding, Fire, Ansul System Activated, anything that CLOSES the restaurant for a day or more. (Communication Level: Ticketing System, Area\OPS Manager direct call to vendor communicate PO via R&M Data Base, Involve VP of Brand and Construction Team)

  2. Fill out the form completely, by clicking the button at top of the page. Submit Pictures

  3. When Tech arrives, please have them sign into R&M log, ensure they fill out completely and sign out with appropriate time.

  4. When work is complete send your Area Manager an email saying so, and if work is not done to satisfaction also let the your Area\Ops manager know.

Area\OPS Procedures

  1. For Severity #3\#4 please use emergency procedures, and ensure to get your required Purchase Order via the R&M data base for your brand.

    1. To get a correct PO to give to a vendor you must fill in the following (Click Here to see quick demo):

      1. Location Name

      2. OPS\Area Manager Requesting

      3. Description of Problem

      4. Maintenance Category

      5. Vendor Name

        1. Remember only Approved Vendors on the list can be used.

      6. Date of Work Order

  2. Once work is complete go to the Work Order tab of your R&M data base and fill in the following areas:

    1. Date work completed

    2. OPS Approval Column

      1. Only approve if satisfied with the work

    3. Approved for Processing

    4. Notes: Very important to put notes in on the completion of the work, specifically we have to have notes for any invoice that is not completed.

Accounting Procedures

  1. Go to R&M Data Base and go to the Invoice Tab.

  2. Take your PDF invoices and drag and drop to the appropriate Area\Brand Folder.

  3. You will need to fill in the following columns on the sheet

    1. Invoice Total $- This should match the invoice

    2. Date Accounting Loaded Invoice LInk

  4. Right click on the file, once it has a green check mark, and click on Share.

  5. Hit “Copy Link”, once you have copied the link, you will paste it into the Invoice Link column matching its PO #.

  6. Done

VP Procedures

  1. Currently VP of Brand is responsible for approving all invoices.

    1. It is VP responsibility to authorize Area\OPS manager for approval authority.

  2. Go to Invoice Tab

    1. Use the Sort by Days Outstanding, to see your invoices that are the oldest.

  3. View invoice by clicking on the hyper link in Invoice Link box

  4. If approved, put your initials in Approved Box

    1. Put date into Approved for Payment box

  5. Done.