Network Overview - TELUS

new setup.png

This is the layout for all stores where TELUS will be installed. Each component is briefly covered below. If you would like a detailed guide, one is available here

  • Internet Modem - This is where the connection from outside comes in to the store. This will be the first piece of equipment that the line connects to. The Internet provider will set this up and connect it for you.

  • SOPHOS Firewall - The white box that is responsible for the network security. It has 4 ports on the back.

    • Port 1 goes to the point of sale swich

    • Port 2 goes to the modem.

    • Port 3 goes to the accessory switch. If this is a new store set up, the switch will be labeled accessory switch.

    • Port 4 goes to the TELUS device and plugs into Port 3 labeled “Activation” (surrounded by a green box)

  • Point of Sale Switch - this connects the front of house devices to the network, it is often 12 ports (usually Netgear brand and blue)

  • Accessory Switch - often 8 ports, may be any brand. New stores will have a label on it to help with identification and where to plug in each device (manager PC, cameras, compliance mate etc).

  • TELUS device - This functions as an LTE failover in case internet goes down. Essentially a cellular connection to allow debit and credit to continue to run until the original internet is back up.